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Some of the paintings and drawings featured on this website are available. Please, contact us if you are interested in buying originals or fine art prints (giclee).

The artist accepts art work commissons. Contact us if you are interested in commissioning a drawing or painting.

Galleries, marchands, curators, art collectors: If you're interested in the artist works, please, contact us.


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The original works of the artist were made, dependending on the medium, on paper (graphite pencils, colored pencils, pastels, ink, watercolors) or on canvas (oil paints, acrylic paints). Information about mediums, surfaces, dates, etc are available next to the artworks images published in the site gallery.

Some of the original drawings and paintings published in this site are available. Please, contact us if you are interested in buying.

Fine Art Prints (Giclee)

Fine art prints are a great way for artists to make their art more widely available, offering affordable alternatives to more expensively priced originals. So people can buy high quality copies of an artwork, made with the artist consent, on a much lower price than the original artwork would cost.

High resolution images of the original artwork are printed with archival quality inks onto museum quality papers and canvas, and are expected to last over 150 years in good environmental conditions (especially away from direct sunlight).

Some of the artworks in this page are available as open or limited edition fine art prints.

Limited edition: only a small number of prints are avalilable. Very high quality, limited number of fine art print copies available, and each one is numbered and signed. Includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Open edition: there is no limit to the number of copies produced. Very high quality, unlimited number of fine art print copies available, sold by Fine Arts America. Not numbered, nor signed. No certificate of authenticity.

Buy Art Prints Online

On my Fine Art Prints Store, powered by FineArtAmerica, you can buy open edition high quality museum fine art prints (giclee) featuring my artwork.

Customers can choose to print the artworks on paper or canvas and can also choose to have them framed, matted, and/or stretched on stretcher bars using the interactive shopping cart program.

The prints can be shipped framed, stretched or just rolled inside a tube.


  Facebook fanpage - The artist page on Facebook. (mostly in Portuguese)

  Fine art prints (giclee) shop - Open edition high quality fine art prints (giclee). Powered by FineArtsAmerica. (in English)


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